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A Landlocked Dive Park

Diving Elizabeth COMMENTS 31 May, 2018

It’s that time of year again for diving in Northern Ohio.  With warmer weather and rise in water temperature, White Star Quarry attracts divers in great numbers. While some are brave and dive Ohio all year long, the rise in temperature appeals to many more. 

What was once used as a limestone operation is now an Ohio inland dive destination.  A 15-acre body of water with an average depth of 40ft. White Star Quarry, part of White Star Park is tucked away in the small town of Gibsonburg. 

Whether you are a new diver finishing your Open Water certification or a seasoned diver just wanting to get wet, White Star Quarry is a great place for all levels of divers.

You might not see the exotic sea life and flora as in a Carribbean destination, instead you’ll find yourself swimming through a Frito Lay truck “wreck” and taking photos on board a quarry floor motorcycle. 


Another diving attraction is the Underwater Forest. What was once a strand of trees that grew when the quarry was empty is now fascinating to swim through. 


Not only a place for divers but White Star Quarry is a place to bring along non-diving family and friends as well. White Star park has something for everyone with a swim area, nature trails, fishing platform, and numerous other outdoor activities. You can even make a weekend out of it and stay at the campground located across from the park’s main entrance.  


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