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Virtual Learning Helps Just Add Water Give Back 

It seems like many of us have found a little extra time on our hands lately. We know you've been wanting to take a Specialty Course and now you can.

While the "Stay-At-Home" order is in place, Just Add Water will be hosting the following specialty courses virtually via ZOOM.

Nitrox/Enriched Air
Perfect Buoyancy
React Right Oxygen Provider
Stress & Rescue 
Just Add Water will be donating $15 of every specialty course sign up to the Cleveland Food Bank. If you've been thinking about signing up for one of these courses now would be a great time!


Enriched Air Nitrox

Few things have revolutionized diving more than Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx). Nitrox is nothing more than air with additional oxygen added to reduce the concentration of nitrogen. This can result in longer bottom times and shorter surface intervals. This is one course every serious diver needs.

Perfect Buoyancy

Short of remembering to breathe and equalize, there is no skill more critical to divers than controlling buoyancy — and no skill more difficult for new divers to master. In an ideal world, no diver would ever need this course, as you simply wouldn’t be able to get certified unless you could demonstrate adequate buoyancy skills. More…

Deep Diver

The recommended depth limit for recreational divers — even those with  considerable experience — is 100 feet. Unfortunately, most of diving’s most dramatic walls and many of its best wrecks lie in depths approaching 130 feet. More…

Drysuit Diver

 Dry suits can make diving more enjoyable any time water temperatures drop below the mid 70s — and are essential in water below 60°F, or when depths approach 100 feet and beyond. Dry suits open the door to activities such as deeper wreck diving and ice diving, and can extend your diving season well beyond just the warmest months of the year. More…

React Right : Oxygen Provider

Administering oxygen is among the most critical aspects of providing first aid for decompression sickness and lung-overpressure injuries. Yet the proper and safe administration of O2 is a skill that goes far beyond what is covered in Stress & Rescue Diver training. More…

Stress & Rescue

This program teaches you the skills and knowledge required to recognize and deal with stress, prevent accidents and properly deal with emergency situations encountered by divers. You will earn the Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty certification after completing this program. More…


Just Add Water also offers a number of individual Specialty Diver courses throughout the year. If you have a particular specialized diving activity that interests you, such as digital photography, please let us know.



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